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Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore and Recipes

by Robert Meyers with Ron Wallace

Following a year of research, interviewing more than 200 people, taking photographs and writing, writing, writing, Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore and Recipes is now available at both of our locations, so ask your bartender or server for more details!


The perfect holiday gift that will last a lifetime.  This one-of-a-kind coffee table book features more than 50 Irish pubs throughout the United Statees.  336 pages of beautiful photography, rich history, and a special recipe section.


A first of its kind.  Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore and Recipes is the definitive work on this subject.  It is much more than a display of beautiful pubs.  It is a tribute to the contributions the Irish have made to American culture, economy and politics.


This book was written for you, if you

- Are Irish, know anyone who is Irish or wish you were Irish- even if only for a moment

- Have ever experienced the warmth of an Irish pub- in Ireland or the US or anywhere else

- Like cook books (see our special section of family recipes provided by the pubs)

-Enjoy photography

-Have ever heard of Guinness 

Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the beautiful pages featuring both Olde Blind Dog locations:


Click here to read "For the love of the Irish Pub"' -An ariticle published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  "We seek comfort, camaraderie and good, rich food when the weather’s cold and the landscape bleak, and that’s just what’s found among the pages of 'Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore and Recipes.” 


"The pub was the gathering place of hard working Irish now Americans where all subjects were on the table: religion, politics and family... Bob Meyers and Ron Wallace have given us a glimpse into the past, and a window into the tradition of Irish Pubs which continues to this day.  A job well done."

- Roy E. Barnes, 80ths Governor of Georiga


"Wherever I played baseball in this great country, it seemed there was always an Irish pub nearby.  Baseball and Irish pubs go together.  On game day, the local Irish pubs were always full of appreciative fans watching the game.  I know that this book will strike a chord with sports fans.  It captures well the enthusiastic Irsh spirit and will be a great addition to any home library.  It is truly a work of art."

- John Smoltz, TV sportscaster; former Atlanta Braves All-Star

pitcher and Cy Young Award winner


"Irish Pubs in America is a delectable feast for the palate, mind and spirit!  The reader will enjoy every aspect of this book, and will savor the rich recipes and descriptions of the experiences to be found within these outstanding Irish pubs across America... A delightful journey that is certain to satisfy every appetite!

-Representative Lynne Riley, Georgia General Assmbly


"As one whose family traces its roots back to 17th century Scotland and Ireland and who spent his teen years in Scotland, I am very familiar with Celtic culture.  In fact I have devoted most of my adult life to promoting Celtic festivals and music in the Irish pubs of Atlanta.  Irish Pubs of America is an amazing book, that honors all things Irish and Celtic. The photos are revealing and beautiful, and the text goes right to the heart.  Irish pubs have acheived near-iconic status in the United States and elsewhere.  This book does them justice."

-Michael Stewart, Irish music promoter

Click here to read this great review on 'Irish Pubs in America', Authors collaborate on 'definitive' Irish pubs book. This coffee table book meant to be read. by Hatcher Hurd


"In taking us inside some of the very best Irish pubs across America, these stories and superb pictures provide an insight into the long and proud contribution of Irish men and women to social and cultural life in their new homeland... This new book evokes all that richness of life and hints at the values and ideals which cause so many Americans to take great pride in their Irish or Scots-Irish heritage."

-Paul Gleeson, Consul General of Ireland, Atlanta, Georgia


"As a beer drinking Mick, I find that this book is like an oasis to a nomad.  Well researched, artfully written, this Bible of beer will appeal alike to the Irish and those who love their contribution to great food, great ale, and a great country."

- Frank McKenna, former Canadian Ambassador to the US

and former Premier of New Brunswick


"With roots in Donegal, A good Irish pub has always been an elixir for my soul.  When sipping a pint of Guinness, I become content that the best day of my past will be the worst day of my future."

- Tom McMillan, former US Congressman from Maryland,

retired NBA player with the Buffalo Braves, NY Knicks,

Atlanta Hawks and Washington Bullets (now Wizards)


"This is a book for the sheer fun of glancing at some chaming, relocated wonders from the old world.  These reminders make one's mouth water for a pint of their special beer, cider or ale and perhaps even a Shepherd's or Steak and Kidney Pie."

-Al McDonald, Former US Ambassador and

White House Staff Director


"This is a most imformative and entertaining book about the extraordinary phenomenon of Irish pubs in North America. Written in a most delightfully informal style, and beautifully illustrated with a wealth of lovely pictures, it contains scores of information on Irish pubs in America... A most attractive and compelling contribution...."

-Dr. Dick Moloney, Global Distinguished Professor of

Irish Studies and Music, New York University

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